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1) Where was thomasngo born? portland
2) If nostrilious took over the world, who would be happy? pencil-biters
3) If unheard__music and mister_punchy were spliced together, what would it be like? lester bangs
4) What mental disorder does zintheus remind you of? antisocial
5) What is raffishparagon's favorite game? hi-ho cherry-o. i have no idea.
6) If zintheus commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? the disenfranchised
7) What would mister_punchy do differently in your shoes? make better use of daily absurdity
8) Where did you first meet aglassyday? through matthew's journal
9) Is nicolexjennelle athletic? i don't think so
10) Is shmivejournal related to you? no
11) Is becksbolero a high school student? no
12) Would nostrilious and dennisthemonkey look good together? heck yaw
13) What animal should boarderguy be combined with? a sloth
14) What is mcradiation's biggest flaw? he posts a lot of internet memes
15) Have you flirted with moon_something? not really
16) What is thomasngo's favorite color? navy blue?
17) How tall is whoainthedisco? no idea
18) What word best describes raffishparagon? whimsical
19) Does past_3_am do drugs? i think so
20) Is walrusgrdn dead sexy? sho nuff
21) Is kinkysockfetish a college student? probably
22) When did you last call pigtailedmenace? never and a day
23) Does zintheus have a big secret? i wouldn't be one to know
24) How would shmivejournal conquer the world? weasel balls
25) Are kinkysockfetish and thenwecollide married? no
26) Does mathamphetamine drink? yes
27) What is aglassyday's favorite food? something southern
28) Would raffishparagon go out with zintheus? nooooo
29) Is eldithadisciple in a relationship? no
30) What would you do if guitarlegend died? sniffle
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