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we almost accidentally got into a gothy sex party, kind of accidentally got into a 30 year old roller derbier's birthday bash, heard gunshots in NE, drove to molalla then back to portland in the dark listening to viking rock, killed the parking light in my mom's car, and i got chalk all over my favorite jeans dangit.

in other news, this album is frustrating me. i want to looooave it, but c'mon now guys. throw me a bone. the back cover says "pain and suffering in various tempos" and that's pretty it's disappointing to see them settling into their niche so well that even they make fun of themselves. but "precious", though it's a pretty good song, is sucking straight from the teat of "little 15", "a question of time"... do things even happen to them anymore? i want to either follow a narrative, get caught up in hyperbolic sweeps of emotion/riddim, or just write them off. but i caaaan't, because they always follow up an obviously horrible lyric with something that makes me hm and nod. maybe my problem isn't the music, maybe it's the fact that at 16 i thought this was really the shit, and it's basically the same thing now but i can't get into it.
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